Boost Writing & Counting Confidence With Fun Write and Wipe Books!

Kids will appreciate learning through play. Moms will appreciate that they can be used and reused for a great value.
By Monique Melendez
Jun 10, 2019



wipe clean kindergarten books

Jun 10, 2019

Whether you have a little one who’s just beginning to learn in preschool, or a first grader who could use some review, there’s an easy way to make practicing writingcounting and letters, and numbers exciting — not a chore. The Scholastic Early Learners Write and Wipe books reinforce those fundamental skills with colorful exercises designed to make learning feel like a game, and they’re reusable, so you can revisit them as often as you’d like.

If you’re a fan of making the essentials a whole lot easier (and affordable) for your kids to learn, read on for three reasons these write and wipe books will make a stellar addition to their bookshelf.

1. They’re learning disguised as play.

With their eye-catching images and text, plus cool puzzles and exercises, the Write and Wipe books get kids excited about learning numbers and letters. “The takeaway for me as a parent is that it's a really fun way to introduce learning,” says Mara Lander, marketing lead for Scholastic Early Learners. Expect to see traceable rocket ships and soccer balls alongside word-tracing exercises, and dalmatians and penguins that teach your child how to count.

And don’t underestimate the usefulness of the handle on each book: Your little one will use it to take her learning activities everywhere, giving you a little more precious space in an already-stuffed bag. 


 2. They make striving learners of all ages feel welcome.

If your 6-year-old is struggling with writing his letters or numbers, it can be tricky to find books that help him practice without age bands emblazoned on the covers. With the Write and Wipe books, your child won’t feel “too old” or “too young” to practice the skill-building exercises inside. They allow kids to practice writing and counting in a completely stress-free way, whether they’re entering preschool or first grade.

“I have a 6-year-old at home who's finishing up kindergarten, but is still using the Write and Wipe Learn to Write book because she's having trouble with lowercase letters,” says Lander. “If it were to say ‘pre-k’ on it, she would say, ‘I'm almost in first grade, I'm not using that.’ These books meet kids where they are, regardless of what grade they're in.”


3. They’re made for years of practice.

No need to move on after one use — the write-and-wipe format means these books will be fixtures on the bookshelf for years (and your younger kids can use them later on, too). With a wipe, kids can erase all marks made with the included pen and do the learning exercises all over again, practicing the ones they need to focus on most.

“My daughter could use practice with lowercase a’s and d’s, but with a traditional workbook, she does those letters once and then moves on,” says Lander. “With the Write and Wipe books, she can do “a” and then I'll say, ‘Let's do that again!’"

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