Winter Reading Challenge for Kids of All Ages

Reading enlivens the spirit of the season! Embark on a magical reading adventure with 25 fun challenges for the whole family.

Dec 04, 2023



Winter Reading Challenge for Kids of All Ages

Dec 04, 2023

Winter is upon us! Celebrate the magic of the season by sharing good cheer and great stories together as a family. Whether it’s by the fireplace or alongside a hot cup of cocoa, cozying up with books is the perfect way to establish a robust reading routine — all while creating cherished memories and traditions with your child. 

From exploring new wonders and meeting fantastical characters to discovering new genres like graphic novels and nonfiction titles, this winter reading challenge will be sure to delight readers of all ages. Designed to be fun and engaging, these 25 challenges will motivate your kids to read as many books as possible. Participate in our winter reading challenge and feel all the feels this season!

Download and print out our winter reading challenge to track your progress! (You can also download a poster-sized engineering print version.) You can find our top book recommendations for each challenge below.  


1. Read a book set in the snow.

2. Read a book about a winter holiday.

3. Reread your favorite book from this year.

4. Read a classic seasonal story.

5. Read a book about family.

6. Read a book with winter animals.

7. Read a book about gratitude.

8. Read a book about new beginnings.

9. Read a nonfiction book.

10. Read a book with a snowman on the cover.

11. Read a book that became a movie or TV series.

12. Read a book that makes you laugh.

13. Read a book about kindness.

14. Read a book about a winter activity.

15. Read an award-winning book.

16. Read a book from a new-to-you genre.

17. Read a book that was published this year.

18. Read a book while drinking hot cocoa.

19. Read the first book of a new-to-you series.

20. Read a book while snuggled up in a blanket.

21. Read a book aloud to a friend or family member.

22. Read a book in your coziest pajamas.

23. Read a book inside a homemade fort.

24. Read a book before bed.

25. Read a seasonal story featuring your favorite character.

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