The Paperboy: An Award-Winning Picture Book About a Boy’s Morning Routine

Add this captivating book by Dav Pilkey to your read-aloud library.

Jun 10, 2022



The Paperboy: An Award-Winning Picture Book About a Boy’s Morning Routine

Jun 10, 2022

Fans of author Dav Pilkey are familiar with his zany characters, signature illustration style, and brilliant sense of humor. Classic illustrated series like Captain Underpants have captivated readers since the mid-90s, while newer series like Dog Man and its spin-off Cat Kid Comic Club continue to entertain and make readers laugh (here's why funny books are so important for your child). 

You may be surprised to discover that in The Paperboy, a dreamy ode to a boy’s morning routine, you'll also see Pilkey’s range of artistry and storytelling shine through. Winner of the Caldecott Medal, this picture book is the perfect story for unwinding with your child during read-aloud time. 

Pilkey employs a rich color palette to aid with storytelling, subtly evolving from dark to dawn. The illustrations will capture your child’s imagination as they follow along with the paperboy’s journey.

The paperboy gets up every morning while it’s still dark outside, even though it’s very difficult to leave his warm, comfortable bed. He gets dressed, makes his way past his family’s bedrooms, bundles his papers, and sets off on his delivery route with his faithful dog. 

While everyone sleeps, they deliver each paper to its address throughout town. Although it’s still dark, the paperboy and his dog are happiest as they ride freely through the streets. As the sun comes up and the paperboy has delivered every newspaper in his bag, he and his dog can finally head home and back to his cozy bed. 

The Paperboy’s soothing narrative and lush illustrations make this simple story about responsibilities captivating and beautiful. Children will love experiencing everything about the paperboy’s routine, from the silence and chill of the early morning darkness to the sight of the warm sunrise. 

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