Serve Up Laughs With This Thanksgiving-Themed Word Fill-In

Looking for a fun family activity to do while the turkey roasts? Try this Thanksgiving-themed fill-in-the-blanks printable word game!
Nov 01, 2018



Serve Up Laughs With This Thanksgiving-Themed Word Fill-In

Nov 01, 2018

While your family is waiting for the turkey to get done and the potatoes to get mashed, enjoy creating a Thanksgiving-themed fill-in-the-blanks story together.

You probably remember fill-in-the-blank stories from when you were a kid, but if not, here's the gist: You fill in the blanks of a pre-conceived story with wacky nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs — and then read aloud your crazy concoction. Pretty much without exception, listeners will laugh at the absurd and outlandish sentences.

It's a great family activity because kids and grown-ups can get in on the fun together. And the sneaky thing is, when you invite your kids to play this type of word game over the holiday break, they'll be keeping their grammar, spelling, and writing skills fresh without even realizing it. 

All you need are some writing utensils (Scholastic's store sells cool colored pencil kits that can add to the fun) and this free Gobble Gobble fill-in-the-blanks printable worksheet. You'll briefly want to go over each type of word being asked for in this story with your kids before you start, and give examples of the parts of speech to young kids.

  • noun - a person, place. or thing (Grandma Linde, Paris, balloon, etc.)
  • plural noun - more than one person, place, or thing (grandpas, skate parks, caterpillars, etc.)
  • adjective - a word that describes a noun (crazy, loud, stinky, etc.)
  • action verb - a physical or mental action word (jumps, thinks, cooks, etc.)

This printable also asks for color, number, and food words.

Once you're ready, have everyone in your family get to work on their individual story. Each person should fill in the blanks without reading the sentences. You could set a timer for extra fun. After everyone is finished, take turns reading the silly stories. Or, one person can ask the others for examples and write them in, and then read aloud the hilarious results.

For even more fun as you wait for the feast to begin, explore our printable list of Thanksgiving-themed games. And if the turkey is still roasting, cozy up with one of these Thanksgiving books for kids.

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