Engaging Science and STEM Books for Kids

These exciting titles will encourage a natural curiosity about the world for young readers and middle grade readers alike.

Nov 21, 2022



Engaging Science and STEM Books for Kids

Nov 21, 2022

Introducing your child to the fun and exciting world of STEM concepts — that’s science, technology, engineering, and math — will open them up to a whole new world of discovery and curiosity. Young minds tend to absorb information more easily, and an early start in these subjects will benefit their learning in all areas.  

STEM books are great for inspiring kids to explore math and science. Whether they’re early readers who prefer picture books with detailed, colorful illustrations or middle school readers who have graduated to more complex chapter books with fun facts, the right STEM book will prompt kids to ask questions, learn problem solving skills, and maybe even consider STEM careers for themselves in the future.

Curious kids will love reading stories about scientists, learning the technology involved in everyday inventions like simple machines, and conducting their own science experiments. They'll enjoy discovering more in-depth explanations behind things they see in daily life, like weather patterns, the human body, animal habits, and more. 

And, when paired with fun KLUTZ and science kits that they can try out on their own, STEM disciplines — whether they’re exploring scientific principles or mathematical concepts — will have a more tangible, read-world connection. 

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Whether they’re getting acquainted with the periodic table, conducting their own experiments, or reading about the contributions of individual scientists, these engaging books will encourage kids to explore and try something new.  


The computers and gadgets we depend on every day are technology.If your child loves all things tech, look no further than these books, which are full of cool facts and how-tos, and kits that give them an opportunity to create their own games, websites, and more.


If your child loves to tinker and construct, they’ll love these engineering books about building everyday machines, bridges, and rockets. Plus, with fun and challenging engineering kits, they’ll have a chance to build their own inventions. 


Math involves much more than just learning times tables and solving calculations. With these exciting titles, your child will learn all about how math impacts our everyday lives, from building structures and computers to launching rockets into the moon. 

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