Splish, Splash, Read!

5 great bath books that can totally survive bath time with a toddler.

By Allison McDonald
Mar 19, 2015



Splish, Splash, Read!

Mar 19, 2015

One of my favorite ways to read to my kids when they were too-busy-to-sit toddlers was when they were in the bath. The benefit of reading in the bath is that busy toddlers are contained, the water is calming, and they can splash and play while they listen. It may seem like they aren't listening, but they usually are. Reading should be fun, especially for toddlers, so if you are having a hard time getting them to sit to read, try the bath! 

Reading regular books can be OK in the bath, but if you are worried about books getting ruined you will probably spend most of your time telling your kids not to splash. They won't be able to grab the book for a closer look if it's a standard paper book either.  Let's just take those worries out of the equation. Try these totally splash and dunk safe books to read in the bath. 

Bath Time by Sandra Boynton

Found You, Magic Fish!  Moira Butterfield 

Baby Einstein: Water, Water Everywhere! by Disney Book Group  

Marc the Shark by Make Believe Ideas 

Little Friends: Splish Splash by Roger Priddy 


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