Shark Shoutout! The 8 Most Fin-tastic Books That Make a Splash

"Dun dun, dun dun..." has been replaced with "Doo doo, doo doo!" for today's generation of fish-loving readers. Here are the books they'll totally devour.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Jun 25, 2019



shark books

Jun 25, 2019

If a picture or drawing of a shark makes your sea-loving child wiggle with excitement, you can lean into that interest with reading! While we prefer sharks to stay a safe distance away in the ocean, these books bring friendly characters front and center for your child. Not only will your little readers discover new facts about the toothy fish, but these books will also give them the opportunity to explore all depths of the ocean with you — all while expanding their reading skills. Go ahead, dive in!

1. Baby Shark by Scholastic

The fish, the myth, the legend: You've doubtless heard the Baby Shark song countless times, and it even recently made the list of "popular songs" on Instagram Stories. This book puts the song into story with vibrant pages showing the whole shark family, and helps children develop fine motor skills by providing a guide for hand and foot movements to accompany the song. If your child loves this tune and book, move on to Bedtime for Baby Shark next to celebrate nighttime routines!

2. Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman

This story will have your kids giggling on every page as a sea reporter interviews a shark who feels like people really just misunderstand him. Shark doesn't want to eat a fish; he just wants to show him his tooth. Shark doesn't want to eat the baby seal; he just wants to help her find her family! Kids will also collect a variety of brain-tickling shark facts in this sweet, hilarious book. 

3. Who Would Win? Hammerhead vs. Bull Shark by Jerry Pallotta

How often does your child come across vocabulary like "dorsal fin" or learn about the feeding habits of the ocean's biggest fish? This action- and fact-packed book introduces kids to an entirely new world of sharks, comparing and contrasting two ferocious species. In it, they'll learn about sharks' anatomies and behaviors with fun illustrations, photos, and charts. 

4. Fly Guy Presents: Sharks by Tedd Arnold

Combine the humorous asides from Fly Guy with the fascinating topic of sharks, and you have the perfect recipe for an engaging book — even the most reluctant readers will be hooked! In this read, your little one will learn fun facts about sharks (for instance: a shark can hear a fish's muscles moving as it swims), and see stunning photographs of the creatures in their ocean habitats. 

5. LEGO Nonfiction: Super Sharks by Penelope Arlon 

It's never been easier to combine two of your child's (seemingly unrelated) things! The Lego minifigures take kids on a deep dive to learn all about sharks in this early reader, which comes with a sheet of cool stickers. Throughout the book, real-world photos of sharks are combined with fascinating facts and Lego building ideas for the entire family — in other words, it's a surefire solution for weekend boredom

6. There Was an Old Mermaid Who Swallowed a Shark! by Lucille Colandro

This is an under-the-sea spin on the traditional There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly book. An old mermaid swallows a shark and much more, which will make your little ones laugh wildly — all while they learn several fascinating bits of information about sea life! It's an easy introduction to nonfiction elements, perfect for early readers. 

7. The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist

We all know the story of The Three Little Pigs — but this story takes a deep dive in creativity by changing the pigs to fish, and the wolf into a shark! Your kids will have fun comparing and contrasting this oceanic fairy tale with the original version, a practice that actually improves reading comprehension skills.

8. Land Shark! by Beth Ferry

Bobby really, really wants a pet shark for his birthday. He's dropped countless clues to his family, but when the big day arrives, he is given a puppy — not a shark. Bobby swears that a puppy can't replace a shark, but after awhile, the puppy snuggles its way right into Bobby's heart. Can your kids guess what Bobby wants for his next birthday?

Shake Things Up With These Shark Books!

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