Teacher Recommendations: Best Books for Reading at Home

Kids will develop a love of reading with these educator-approved titles.

May 06, 2024



Teacher Recommendations: Best Books for Reading at Home

May 06, 2024

When it comes to setting your child up for success, teachers agree that encouraging them to read at home is one of the best things you can do — and not just on their own, but with you by their side!

These teacher-recommended books allow you to create an at-home reading routine that ensures your child is practicing the skills they’re learning in the classroom, like vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension

Teachers often stress the importance of reading a wide variety of books from different genres, like fiction and nonfiction, so children can discover the types of books and topics they love most. Studies like the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report show that when children read what they’re interested in, they’re more likely to develop a love of reading.

Below, Jaclyn Pearson, a 1st grade teacher in Illinois, shares the books she recommends to parents most frequently and why.

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For Readers Transitioning to Chapter Books

“One of my favorite book series to recommend to parents are Scholastic’s Branches books,” says Pearson. “This book series introduces chapter books in a friendly manner and allows young children to feel confident in handling a longer book.” 

Branches books, which include the best-selling Diary of a Pug and Unicorn Diaries series, pair engaging illustrations children love with simple but high-interest text to help increase reading stamina.

Eerie Elementary [another Branches series] is my favorite series!” Pearson says.

For Readers Seeking to Improve Comprehension

A Bad Case of Stripes is a great text if your child needs help recognizing story elements or improving comprehension,” says Pearson. “It's a wild tale about a little girl who is afraid to be herself, and learns a wonderful lesson.” 

Practice at home with popular and effective reading comprehension activity books. 

For Readers Who Love Nonfiction

“If your child prefers a nonfiction series, I highly recommend Who Would Win?” says Pearson. 

This best-selling series pits two animals from different species against each other in a “battle royale.” 

“The text is filled with images that are sure to entice any child,” Pearson says. “The books’ engaging presentation of facts also make them great learning tools.” 

Explore the books in the popular Who Wound Win? series here. 

For Readers Practicing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Pete the Cat books are a favorite of mine,” Pearson says. 

Pete is a curious cat with a great attitude that keeps him cool under pressure and positive in the face of adversity. 

“Often, Pete is faced with simple challenges that children can relate to or understand. Pete is great at staying cool under pressure and these books help naturally tie in SEL.”

Themes in the Pete the Cat series include self-awareness, empathy, and the importance of communication.

Shop more teacher-recommended books below! Plus, explore our Scholastic Parents book lists to discover the best children's books by age, interest, and more! 

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