Scholastic Staffers on Children's Books With an Inspiring Female Character

We asked Scholastic staffers about their family&s favorite children&s book featuring an inspiring female character. Here&s what they had to say!
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Mar 31, 2017



Mar 31, 2017

Does your family have a favorite children's book that showcases strong, powerful, or inspiring female characters? 

In honor of Women's History Month, we asked Scholastic staffers to share their favorite children's title featuring female characters -- from princesses to inventors to famous scientists -- and why it has a meaningful place in their home library. 

Take a look at what they had to say -- and you may even see one of your favorites mentioned below! 

Anamika Bhatnagar, Associate Publisher of Scholastic Book Publishing, and her daughter are fans of this wild and inspiring picture book. Do you and your child recognize this significant female conservationist?

Find the book here.

Chris Lick, VP & Senior Counsel at Scholastic, aims to teach his twin daughter and son about perseverance and resilience with this beautifully illustrated book about a future female engineer.

Katie Klein, Assistant Director of Online Merchandising of Scholastic Reading Club, fuels her young daughter's creative spirit and pays tribute to her family's Mexican heritage with this picture book about iconic artist Frida Kahlo.

Find the book here.

Amrita Pendharkar, Senior Product Manager for Scholastic Book Fairs, encourages her daughter to never give up trying with this book that follows a little girl's dream to invent something incredible.

Julia Graeper, Writer and Producer in Scholastic Corporate Communications, and her daughter find inspiration in the The Princess and the Pony and the book's warrior wannabe heroine.

Find the book here.

Hakim Latimore, Marketing Manager for The Scholastic Store, shares the Amulet series with his daughter and son to teach them about adversity and perseverance through the perspective of a young girl.

Find the book here.

Serena Kappes, Senior Editorial Director of Scholastic Kids and Parents Online, found reading about the pink-tastic main character of Purplicious with her daughter led to conversations about bullying and acceptance.

Find the book here.

Jennifer Katz, Managing Editor of Scholastic Parents Online, encourages her daughter to be strong and spunky by reading this chapter book about Emma, a girl aspiring to be a TV news reporter.

Find the book here.

Sophie McNeill, Director of Marketing at Scholastic, loves reading books with positive female role models -- who are also kids -- with her young daughters.

Find the first book here and the second book here.

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