Best Resources for Helping Kids Learn Sight Words

These brilliant books and games will make learning frequently used words fun for your child.

Mar 18, 2022



Best Resources for Helping Kids Learn Sight Words

Mar 18, 2022

Sight words are some of the most common words your child is likely to encounter while reading. These words — including as, it, the, do, for, said, and with – often can’t be sounded out and aren’t easy to define. Kids must recognize them “on sight.”

Because sight words, also known as high-frequency words, account for 50 percent (or more!) of all text, it is important to introduce your child to and frequently practice with sight words. Doing so will allow your child to build their reading comprehension.

Sight words are building blocks of early reading skills – but they’re not always straightforward to teach. This may be especially true if you're helping your child learn these words at home right now. Luckily, there are a number of resources that can make the learning process easier, and that will help your child succeed academically in kindergarten and beyond as a result. 

It’s important to expose your child to sight words early on by reading with them regularly and pointing out sight words in your everyday environment, whether that’s reading aloud signs on the road or packages at the store. You can also make family read-alouds more interactive by emphasizing the sing-song repetition of sight words that often occurs in picture books

This collection of fantastic resources will help you easily practice sight words every day with your child, so they build a strong foundation for reading success. They are designed to teach sight words through practice, repetition, games, and activities. 

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