Rediscover The Magic School Bus Books With Your Child

You'll bond over the zany adventures — both old and new! — of your favorite school bus crew.
Nov 22, 2021



Rediscover The Magic School Bus Books With Your Child

Nov 22, 2021

You may have grown up with Ms. Frizzle, Keesha, Arnold, Liz, and the rest of the The Magic School Bus gang — and now you can share their adventures with your child! The Magic School Bus was one of the most recognizable and iconic series of the 90s and helped children learn about science in groundbreaking ways. Today, there are brand new books in the series that teach STEM skills and keep kids engaged with learning.

The more recent Magic School Bus Rides Again collection gives your kids the unique opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean, tumble through space, and dive into Carlos’ sneezy nose — a family bonding experience that combines STEM learning and literacy skills. Encourage your child to ask questions as you flip through each book and talk about how the adventures they read about are reflected in real-world scenarios and places. 

For instance, when your child learns about how the solar system functions in The Magic School Bus Presents: Our Solar System, ask them to think about the marvels of space and why planet Earth is a place where humans can live.

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The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The Magic School Bus Classics

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