5 Pug-Tastic Activities That Will Convince Your Kids to Love Bath Time

Your little ones will laugh out loud while learning the importance of good hygiene from the new book "Pig the Stinker."
By Megan Zander
May 06, 2019



pig the stinker

May 06, 2019

Some kids are simply not fans of taking baths, no matter how nicely we ask (or beg!) them to lather up. If no number of bubbles can convince your little one to hop in and wash up, it might be time to call in some backup from a silly yet stinky pug. These five activities inspired by the new book Pig the Stinker will turn bath time from a tedious task to a fun activity in your house.

1. Start by laughing through the book together. 

Whether your kids are longtime fans of Pig the Pug or this is their first introduction to the infamous character, they’ll get a giggle reading about all the ways Pig gets dirty — from muddying his furry paws to playing with all kinds of unspeakable muck — and how he plots against his owner to avoid bath time. However, Pig’s antics just get him in even bigger messes: He leaves the house splattered with mud, reeks to everyone around him, and gets bonked on the nose when the bathtub pipes he plugs burst! Your kids will learn to appreciate the importance of good hygiene in this book, all while bubbling with laughter.

2. Get excited about bath supplies.

Kids will be more willing to hop into the tub if they understand the purpose of the things they use in it. Use this cool Pig the Stinker Matching Game to match pictures of things like a tub, sudsy water, bath toys, and a towel with their respective vocabulary words. As you work through the list, explain why each item is an important part of getting squeaky clean.

3. Talk about how cleaning is a process.

Talk to your little one about how we come in contact with grubby, germy stuff throughout the day while you work on this Pig the Stinker Maze together. Then, tell them it’s time to make their own way through your home to get to the tub, just like Pig!

4. Help them see the before and after.

Print out two copies of this Pig the Stinker Coloring Sheet to help your child see what happens when they take a bath. On one sheet, ask your child to draw things on Pig that make him stinky from a day of play, like splatters of paint and dirt. On the other page, ask your child to show Pig looking sparkly and clean after his bath. Use their creations to explain why they’ll feel (and smell) so much better after a quick scrub in the tub.

5. Make bath time a game.

This handy Pig the Stinker Activity Sheet is packed with six unique ways to combine bath time with playtime. Even the most reluctant bathers will love “ice fishing” in the tub and using kitchen tools like old colanders to capture toy treasures beneath the surface.

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