Nail Phonics by Using Your Child's Favorite Characters

By calling on furry pals and cool superheroes, this mom helped her twins learn reading fundamentals.
By Megan Zander
Jan 14, 2021



Nail Phonics by Using Your Child's Favorite Characters

Jan 14, 2021

Whenever I ask any of my elementary school teacher friends for advice on what I should be working on with my 6-year-old twins at home, their answers are always the same: “Are they reading?” or “Focus on reading!” or “Read to them and have them read to you as much as you can.”

Reading skills are so important because they’re foundational. For the rest of their education, kids will read about concepts to learn them. 

I’ve tried pretty much every technique there is, but nothing really got my kids excited about reading until I called on their favorite characters for backup. Luckily, there are awesome and affordable phonics box sets that feature kids’ favorite characters to help them master sounds and sight words, so they can start reading on their own.

For instance, take the PAW Patrol Phonics Box SetThis phonics set is perfect for any little reader who loves to watch Rocky, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Zuma and the rest of the gang in action. It comes with 12 softcover books that are the perfect size for small hands, and each story focuses on a different vowel sound or consonant blend, with review books halfway through and at the end of the series.

The first page of each book gives kids and parents a preview of what to expect inside: There’s a list of sight words used in the text, a list of words with specific vowels or letter blends, and a list of words from the series like character names.

We also love the Peppa Pig Phonics Box Set — with 10 books each focusing on a different vowel sound and two workbooks (which review the books), this set is a great addition to an at-home preschool curriculum.

Discover all phonics box sets featuring beloved characters below! You can find more books and activities at The Scholastic Store.  

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