My Year In Books

Wrap up 2015 with this literacy-focused FREE printable.

By Allison McDonald
Dec 31, 2016



Dec 31, 2016

When my kids are home from school for winter break, I like to find ways to get them reading and writing even if all they want to do is watch Netflix and play Xbox. I decided to make this printable, hand it out to everyone in my family and then share it as part of our New Year’s Eve celebration. Of course, I will have to report back to you on how well this went but I have a feeling they are going to LOVE this idea.

Check out this printable and tell me what you think!

Would this help promote books, start a great end of year discussion, and get your kids off screens while they search out the answers? I hope so! Books are so much fun, and while we parents take that fact for granted, sometimes we need to stop and put some effort into making reading and books fun for our kids.


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