Library Scavenger Hunt

Break out of your summer reading slump with a fun way to find new books.

By Allison McDonald
Jul 04, 2013



Library Scavenger Hunt

Jul 04, 2013

As the summer zooms by, enthusiasm for summer reading can dwindle. Re-energize your child's summer reading by breaking out of the usual routine and discovering books that may not typically make it into your library bag.  One fun way to do this is to have a library scavenger hunt. All you need is a sturdy bag, a library card, and this list.

Before handing your child this list, remind her that this isn't a race to see how fast she can find the items. Each book will be read when she gets home, so she should take her time choosing books that interest her. Also, make sure she knows that librarians are there to help, so if she's stuck, just find one and ask!

Scavenger Hunt List for Independent Readers

  1. Find a book in a series.
  2. Find a book about a historical event.
  3. Find a book you have read before but would like to read again.
  4. Find a biography.
  5. Find a book about how to make something.
  6. Find a book that was recently published. (Hint: It may be on a special shelf or display.)
  7. Find a book that has been turned into a movie.
  8. Find a picture book.
  9. Find a book of your choosing.
  10. Find a magazine. (Most libraries allow you to check out back issues. If not, read it before leaving the library.)

Take the books home and explore each one. Sometimes, all kids need in order to jump back on the reading bandwagon is to break out of their usual reading choices and try something new!

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