How to Pick a Series Your Child Will Love

Plus, how it can boost their reading skills.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Oct 12, 2020



How to Pick a Series Your Child Will Love

Oct 12, 2020

Diving into a series keeps kids hooked on reading and learning throughout the school year. Absorbing a slew of titles about topics they're interested in helps them to further develop reading fluency, comprehension skills, vocabulary, and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the next series your child is bound to love. Here are three easy ways to find the right series for your child: 

1. Start with reading out loud. Not sure if your child will like a particular new series? Test the waters by reading the first book together as a read-aloud. If they enjoy the story, they’ll jump at the chance to share the reading responsibility with you (or take over completely). This can be a simple but effective way to gauge your child’s interest and get them interested in a series.

2. Pick a novel with a movie tie-in. Many popular movies and shows began as book series — just think Goosebumps, The Baby-Sitters Club, or Harry Potter. If your child hasn’t discovered books like these yet, encourage them to read the first book in a popular series, and promise to watch the movie together once they're done.

3. Check out popular series that are loved by other kids, like Dog ManFly Guy, or Wings of Fire. When their friends are talking about a certain book series, your child will be extra motivated to fly through it and join in on the conversation. 

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