How to Host a Baby-Sitters Club-Themed Sleepover

Throw the perfect party for fans of Ann M. Martin's popular series.
Aug 29, 2018



How to Host a Baby-Sitters Club-Themed Sleepover

Aug 29, 2018

Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club makes a great birthday party theme for tweens who enjoy the popular book series. And of course, the other party favorite for kids in this age range is sleepovers. So, we’ve combined the two to create a very special BSC birthday celebration.

Getting Started With Decorations

Decorate the sleepover space with gold and pink streamers and balloons. Hang a colorful Balloon Countdown — it will look great and help guide the sleepover festivities.


How to Create a Balloon Countdown

You will need:

  • 4-6 gold and pink balloons
  • 4-6 small pieces of paper
  • Permanent marker pen

To make:


1.  On each small piece of paper write one activity for your guests to enjoy (see our list of activity suggestions below).

2. Place one piece of paper inside each balloon and then blow it up.

3. Use the marker pen to label each balloon with a time for it to be popped. This should coincide with a time that you will be ready to oversee the activity. These should be spaced over the course of the evening, and can even into the following morning.

Sleepover Activity Ideas

Keeping kids busy is the key to a great sleepover and these six activity ideas are sure to be a hit with your BSC fans.

Obstacle Course Blindfold: Guests will need to step up and be a leader, just like BSC President Kristy Thomas, to win this fun challenge! Have guests pair off, with one person in each pair wearing a blindfold. Their partner must navigate their blindfolded teammate across the room (the more obstacles the better!) using only verbal instructions. Time each team — the fastest pair to navigate the obstacle course is the winner.

Tell stories: While we know Mary Anne Spier is super responsible and wouldn’t want to mislead her friends with a lie, we also know she loves a great story! With a game of Two Truths and a Lie (instructions for play here) you can discover which of the party guests is the best storyteller in your group.

DIY pillowcases: Make like Claudia Kishi with this fun creative activity — each party guest decorates a plain pillowcase using fabric markers and paints. The completed pillowcase makes a great take home party favor.

Makeovers: Raid the dollar store for face masks, cute hair accessories, and makeup. Your guests can channel their inner Stacey McGill as they give each other makeovers.

Musical nails: In this fun twist on musical chairs, guests sit in a circle, each holding a different colored bottle of nail polish. When the music starts, guests pass the bottles around the circle in a clockwise direction. When the music stops each guest paints one toe nail in the color they are holding. Repeat for all ten toes!

The chocolate game: Guests sit in a circle and take turns to roll two dice on the floor, passing them around the circle in a clockwise direction. If a child rolls a double, she will put on a dress up hat and scarf (or coat and boots) and then use a knife and fork to cut individual squares from a family-sized block of chocolate to eat. She'll keep cutting and eating until the next player rolls a double.

Party Food Ideas

Alongside classic party foods like popcorn, jello, and hot dogs, your Baby-Sitters Club Party will be extra fun with the addition of a create-your-own pizza station and ice cream sundae bar.

For breakfast the following morning, serve waffles with fresh fruit and maple syrup, and a side of bacon.

When the fun and games are over and your guests have headed home, be sure to schedule a nap for you and your family and rest assured that this will be one birthday party your BSC-lover will never forget.

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