The Best Book Gifts for Teens, According to Teachers

Watch as your teenager becomes mesmerized by books they connect with this holiday season.
Nov 20, 2020



The Best Book Gifts for Teens, According to Teachers

Nov 20, 2020

Once your kids are old enough to explore the YA genre, they become more absorbed in longer chapter books and their complex characters — making a great book a fail-proof gift! These are the top books teachers hope your teen gets to unwrap this year, and what they buy for kids this age themselves. 

For instance, take the dystopian novel Impostors. "It’s got a little bit of everything: action, adventure, romance, and politics,” says Kate Waggoner, a seventh-grade English and journalism teacher in Oregon. “The book includes important lessons connected to identity, confidence, trust, technology, and misuse of power.”

There’s also Stepsister, which breathes new life into the classic Cinderella tale. “The story is about love, self-image, self-confidence, and forgiveness, and teaches an important lesson about the dangers of allowing the way others perceive us to dictate our lives,” says Waggoner. Pair it with Poisoned, a follow-up to Stepsister that puts an entirely new spin on the classic Snow White story. 

Other fantastic book gifts for teens that teachers recommend include The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali and the classic Hatchet

Whichever ones you choose, these educator picks will inspire your teen and introduce them to rich character development and beautifully nuanced narratives.

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