These Books Under $8 Are Quick and Fun to Read on Busy Nights

Enjoy these titles as a family during precious quality time.

Nov 09, 2023



These Books Under $8 Are Quick and Fun to Read on Busy Nights

Nov 09, 2023

Between after-school extracurricular activities and homework, it can be tricky to squeeze in story time with your child during a busy week. Fortunately, reading a good book before bedtime doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. 

A recent Scholastic Home Libraries whitepaper found that just twenty-one minutes a day of reading outside of school results in higher scores on reading achievement tests and an increase of more than 1.8 million reading words annually.

The books on this list are perfect for when you’re strapped for time but want to bond with your child through reading. They offer moments of humor or a peaceful pause from the hecticness of everyday life. These quick, hand-picked titles have engaging plots, captivating illustrations, and memorable characters your child will want to revisit again and again.

Even 20-30 minutes of reading with your child at night is enough time to provide many literacy-boosting benefits. In addition to being a special time spent together, this nightly routine will build their vocabulary, sharpen their reading comprehension, and grow a lifelong love of reading. 

Whether your child is a striving reader or an advanced reader, fitting in read-aloud books will help your family unwind, learn, and maybe even share a laugh (here's why humor in children's books is so important). 

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