Fill in this Fall-Themed Mad Libs Together

Leaves, sweaters, and pumpkins there&s so much to love about fall! Have your child write a silly autumn-themed story with this free printable.
By Jodie Rodriguez
Sep 21, 2017



Sep 21, 2017

My kids love wacky and crazy stories. But sometimes it can be challenging brainstorming tales that live up to their zany expectations. Enter Mad Libs. You might remember them from your own childhood. Insert different parts of speech on the blank lines, and presto: You and your child have concocted a silly story that begs to be read aloud.

Let your children review their grammar skills and create their own silly tales with this autumnal Mad Libs. Younger children can even participate if the adult does the writing and explains what each part of speech means. For example, you might say, "An adjective is a word that describes a person, place, or thing." Mad Libs provide great practice for identifying parts of speech, which your kids can carry over into their own writing.

Check out this autumn-themed Mad Libs to use with your child this season. Just print it, give your child a pen or pencil, and have her fill it out. You may even try printing multiple copies and letting everyone in the family complete one. Then, vote on who had the zaniest tale. 

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