April Fool's Day Word Fill-In

Create a wacky tale with this printable that also encourages kids to learn about the different parts of speech.

By Jodie Rodriguez
Mar 29, 2018



April Fool's Day Word Fill-In

Mar 29, 2018

April Fool’s Day is the perfect day to be silly. It can also be a great day to have some educational fun! This word fill-in is a great mix of wackiness and learning. Just print, fill in the blanks based on the prompts underneath each line, and then read the zany tale aloud together.

There are many learning benefits to using Mad Libs with kids. First, they help your child brainstorm words that fit into different categories. And, with this activity, your child will work on naming a plural world, generating verbs, and brainstorming lots of nouns. Finally, your child can read her concocted story over and over to build reading fluency.

So, have some family laughter on April Fool’s Day with this printable Word Fill-In story generator.

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