Andrea Davis Pinkney’s Favorite Baby Books

These carefully curated books will spark your baby’s imagination!
Nov 09, 2021



Andrea Davis Pinkney’s Favorite Baby Books

Nov 09, 2021

Having written over 70 children’s titles, both individually and with her husband, Brian Pinkney, New York Times bestselling author Andrea Davis Pinkney believes in the amazing power that books have in children’s lives.

In Davis Pinkney’s newest book, Bright Brown Baby, little readers will experience a loving ode to their individuality, their inner beauty, their strength, and their own special light that they bring to the world. 

“Reading to children from the moment they're born is like turbo-charge for the minds and hearts of babies and preschoolers,” says Davis Pinkney. “It’s a gift for grownups, too. Studies show that when the youngest children hear stories read aloud, they’re more inclined to become life-long readers.”

It’s incredibly important to remember that reading with enthusiasm and an uplifting, excited tone adds to the joyful experience of books and brings them to life for smaller children who are being read to. 

“When kids rejoice in stories that are expressed through the human voice, it creates a powerful emotional connection to books,” says Davis Pinkney. “What better way to snuggle than with a great story and illustrations that foster fun, learning, empathy, creative thinking, and a few giggles, too?” 

When asked about the best baby books, Davis Pinkney chose each one carefully for its themes and readability. 

“These selections are my all-time favorites for scooping up the little ones in my life, reading and sharing aloud, and savoring moments of precious together time,” says Pinkney. “When creating this list, it was important that each of the books have what I call ‘word-art-rhythm-music’ — that they’re fun to read out loud, and that the illustrations enhance the read-aloud quality of the words by inviting young children to look, see, and celebrate the power of illustrations to tell their own story.”

Here is a list of Davis Pinkney’s favorite baby books you can share with your own child!  

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

This classic children’s book written in 1967 by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle is perfect for little readers learning about their senses.

My Wish for You

A loving ode from a mother to her daughter and everything she can be, this book celebrates the loving bond mothers and daughters share and explores themes of confidence, joy, and personal strength.

All Are Welcome

In this fun and colorful book, readers follow children in a school where everyone is accepted with open arms! Celebrating each other’s differences and learning from each other are central themes in this wonderful read. 

I Spy Letters 

Perfect for practicing letters and developing senses, this colorful book is perfect for little readers. I Spy Letters introduces them to colors, textures, and more while learning the alphabet.

The Little Butterfly That Could

This delightful book about the migration of butterflies and one little butterfly’s own sense of strength and perseverance will engage little readers with its encouraging message, fun butterfly facts, and colorful illustrations.

Ruby Finds a Worry

This must-have book by Tom Percival explores themes of fear and worries growing bigger with our imaginations, and how we can best conquer them. This read will help children feel less isolated with their problems, and will in fact help them diminish their own worries!

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