5 Fall Books for Kids That Pair Perfectly With Autumn Activities

Read all of these picture books together to reveal the magic of the season to your child.

Sep 26, 2023



5 Fall Books for Kids That Pair Perfectly With Autumn Activities

Sep 26, 2023

Pumpkin spice is in the air — and so is seasonal cheer! Fall is a special time to create family memories with your child, which is why Scholastic Editors have handpicked five picture books about autumn to accompany each new experience they have this fall. 

When you read these five books all together, your child will have the opportunity to connect reading to the real world. That’s an important first step in boosting their reading comprehension and turning them into avid readers. These picture books are perfect for explaining first fall experiences, and they feature beloved characters like Peppa and Clifford

Plus, starting a fall reading routine builds a strong foundation for your young reader. Enjoy each of these five special fall books this season. 

To Learn About Apples Together... 

A trip to the apple orchard is full of fun! Even if your family doesn’t have an apple orchard nearby, your child can learn about this favorite fall fruit with Peppa Goes Apple Picking. In this sweet story, Peppa and her family come together to bake Granny Pig an apple pie with freshly picked apples from the orchard. Discuss the book together while your child munches on apple slices. Talking about books after reading them helps to develop your child’s reading comprehension skills.

To Marvel at Colorful Leaves Together... 

The turning of leaves calls for turning of pages! Red, orange, yellow — the change of leaves is a beautiful phenomenon of nature. Let It Fall is about the pure delight of being outside on a crisp, cool fall day. Next, go crunch through the leaves with your child to bring the book to life! 

To Explore Pumpkins Together... 

It wouldn’t quite be fall without the season’s favorite gourd. Princess Truly Picks a Pumpkin is a rhyming tale about Princess Truly's magical trip to the pumpkin patch! Learning about pumpkins with your little one will be a memorable seasonal activity. After reading this picture book together, try a pumpkin craft with your child! For carve-free fun, glue pom-poms to a pumpkin or even paint on a giant smile.

To Pick a Halloween Costume Together...

It's almost Halloween, and the unicorns still need to pick a costume. Should they dress as something spooky? Or cute? Or maybe something funny? Read Boo-nicorns: A Touch-and-Feel Book to find out what costumes the unicorns choose for trick-or-treating. Your growing reader will enjoy the eye-catchy illustrations and engaging storyline. Next, ask your child what they would do if they were in the unicorns' shoes! It’s a simple question, but it teaches your child perspective — a skill that will benefit their literacy skills for years to come.

To Show Gratitude Together... 

Create wonderful family memories and teach gratitude this season with Our Table, a touching story about appreciating both the big and little things in life. After reading it with your child, ask them to say or write five things they’re thankful for today. 

Reading these five fall picture books together is the perfect way to share all the joys of the season and create lifelong memories with your child. 

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