Character Name Letter Connect

All you need is a pencil and paper for this fun and unique way of talking about characters.
By Amy Mascott
Jul 01, 2013



Character Name Letter Connect

Jul 01, 2013

Often, I need a quickie activity to use with my kids that fills time on the sidelines of the soccer field, in the car pickup line, or waiting at a doctor's office.

And often I have no supplies with me, other than the back of a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, which is why I love Character Name Letter Connect.  Character Name Letter Connect is a unique way of sneaking in some literacy learning while talking with kids about the characters in a story.

You can use any story you've read—an old favorite or a recently read one—and each time you play your game will be slightly different, depending on the character you choose at the beginning.

You only need two supplies to play:
•    Pen or pencil
•    Paper

Here's how to play:

1. Choose a story.

2.  Work together to decide on one character from the story and write that character's name on the paper.

Consider asking:
•    Let's think back to the events in the story. Which character played the biggest role?
•    Who would we consider the star of the story?
•    Who is your favorite/least favorite character from the story?
•    Who is the first/last character we meet in the story?
•    Which character changes the most throughout the story?
•    Which character most reminds you of [insert name of friend or family members]?

3.  Then ask: Who was the first character that the main character meets?

4.  Write the second character's name under the first character's name, leaving space in between.  Talk about that character and what you remember about him/her.

5.  Now it's time to connect! Say, Look closely at both of these names (point to each as you say them).  What letters do the names have in common? Which are the same? Circle the letter in the first name that appears in the second and draw a line between the two. 

6.  Talk about the letters that the names have in common: Do they make the same sound in each name? How are the sounds different?

7.   Ask: Who was the next character that we remember from the story?  Talk about that character and what you remember about him/her.

8.  Connect! Just like you did in steps 5-7 and continue on adding all of the characters from the story.

Three cheers for a fun way of talking about the story while sneaking in some letter and sound practice!

How do you sneak in some learning on the sidelines or during waits?  Have you tried Character Name Letter Connect?

Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!

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