Books to Celebrate Women's History Month

Inspire your child with stories about incredible women throughout history and powerful female characters who overcome everything to achieve their dreams.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Feb 26, 2019



Books to Celebrate Women's History Month

Feb 26, 2019

How do you show your child the significance behind Women's History Month? With the help of Scholastic Librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey, we've come up with recommendations for the best Women's History Month-related titles honoring important women throughout history, as well as smart, strong, and brave female characters from your child's favorite stories. From books for beginning readers to YA titles that parents may want to read themselves, take a look at the list below. 

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Deimosa's Favorite Picks From Childhood: 

1. The Baby-Sitter's Club #01: Kristy's Great Idea is the original story of how the famous baby-sitter's club began. Starting with a business plan from Kristy Thomas, this classic book is the beginning of a series that will teach your child about dedication, perserverance, friendship and a whole lot of girl power. Plus, parents will love sharing a title they grew up with too! 

2. Baby-Sitters Club Graphix #1-4 Box Set: Full-Color is a great pick for a child who loves a good story, but may be a reluctant reader. Set in full color, this box set highlights the origin of the famous baby-sitter's club while illustrating the antics these business-girls get themselves into. For kids who respond well to comic strips and graphic novels, this is the book set for them.


3. Polar Bear Night tells the story of a brave little polar bear cub discovering the arctic tundra while everyone, including her mama bear, is fast asleep. Perfect for a bedtime read, this snuggly and picturesque title will soothe your child to sleep while highlighting the wonderful things a little bear can see when she bravely takes an adventure in her own backyard.  

4. I Like Myself! Lap Board Book shows that it's never too early to teach your early leaner about self-acceptance. Does your little one have wild hair or a freckle-covered face? No matter what differences your child may see, this self-esteem boosting book highlights a little girl who knows how to love herself even if she's different. Full of silly rhymes great for memorization and language development, this easy-to-read board book is about loving every part of you! 

5. Princess Truly in I Am Truly is all about achieving your dreams. Celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and girl power, this title shows how strong, brave, and brilliant little girls can be, especially when they set their minds to something. Princess Truly will teach any child about thinking big and loving your individual self. Plus, with fun rhymes and simple text, your early reader can practice important skills for reading development. 

6. Teach your preschooler about incredible civil rights activist Rosa Parks with this early learner title I Am Rosa Parks. In this kid-friendly biography, your child will be introduced to a national hero who played a huge role in achieving civil rights equality in our country. This powerful figure shows what happens when you stand up for yourself, and her story is a great way to introduce even the littlest readers to non-fiction. 

7. The Princess and the Pony is the origin story of how Princess Pinecone found her noble steed. As a strong warrior princess, Pinecone needs a horse who's just as strong. And with her birthday coming up, she knows just what to ask for! However, Princess Pinecone's birthday pony is a little...rounder than expected. For a book full of laughs, friendship, acceptance and a tenacious princess, share this colorful picture book with your little warrior. 

Early Elementary: 

8. Mae Among the Stars is a story inspired by the first African American woman to travel to space. With beautiful illustrations, your little astronaut can follow along with a young Mae as she discovers her big dreams of dancing among the stars. A hero to young girls everywhere in overcoming obstacles to achieve an incredible goal, this picture book is a great tool to motivate your child to follow any dream, no matter how out of this world it may be. 

9. Hidden Figures has been turned into an illustrated kid-friendly read, teaching your child about the powerful African American female mathematicians behind sending astronauts to space. Not only does this book highlight the brilliance of four incredible women, it also highlights an important moment in African American history as well. Told in a way young readers can easily understand, this story is a part of history worth sharing. 

10. Here Come the Girl Scouts highlights this century-long organization with an incredible back story. Told as a picture book biography, this title introduces readers to Juliette Gordon Low — otherwise known as Daisy — the founder of the Girl Scouts. Full of Daisy's desire to showcase girl power and passion, this story takes your child through the years of young girls showing the world what they're capable of, and making a huge difference along the way.

11. Looking for the next great book gift for your reader? Strong Girls Gift Set captures four female heroes over time — from pilots to leaders of the Underground Railroad. You can teach your child about American history through the lens of women's history, matched with wonderful illustrations and easy-to-digest text for newly independent readers. Inspire your child with this heroic collection and she'll find the hero within herself. 

12. Sophie #1: Sophie the Awesome is the not-so average story about a not-so average girl named Sophie, at least if she has anything to say about it. Determined to live up to her new title, Sophie the Awesome, this spunky third grader is showing off her awesomeness to everyone — even those who doubt her. A silly picture book full of confidence and self-esteem boosting messages, introduce your child to Sophie and he may find his very own awesome.

Late Elementary: 

13. Did you know Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt were good friends? Amelia and Eleanor Go For A Ride tells the amazing true tale of a chilly evening in April when this powerful pair left an evening at the White house, dressed in their finest gowns, to take a trip into the sky. With text of adventure and illustrations to match, this picture book showcases the incredible spirit of two exceptional women in American history. 

14. Notorious RBG Young Readers' Edition tells the life of powerhouse Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an icon for women's equality and an intregal part of the history of women's rights. This kid-friendly biography shows how a determined young woman became a staple in the American law system, and fought for the rights of women everywhere. Full of history and humor, your child will be inspired by the trailblazer, RBG, while learning important elements of how this country was built. 

15. Cornerstones of Freedom: Women's Right to Vote takes readers back to the establishment of the 19th Amendment, bringing your child to a time when women were unable to vote. Sharing in a story of resilience and incredible dedication, your child will learn how laws were changed to fight oppression against women, and brought our country a step closer to equality. 

16. What Would She Do?: 25 True Stories of Trailblazing Rebel Women depicts the stories of significant women throughout history — from Cleopatra to Michelle Obama. All considered powerful feminists of their time, your child can understand the obstacles these trailblazers overcame to achieve their goals and influence major shifts in women's equality. A great read to revisit story by story, encourage your child to fight for her own dreams with this powerful title.

17. El Deafo not only teaches your child to embrace differences, but to transform hem into superpowers. Cece suffers from a hearing loss and is forced to wear a bulky hearing aid, isolating her from the rest of her classmates. Instead of dwelling, Cece decides she can be a super listener, accept herself, and be part of the world in a very special way. Tracking the real story of author Cece Bell, this title teaches tolerance and supports any differences your child may face with love. 

Middle Grade: 

18. Who do you see when you see George? The middle grade novel George tells the story of a middle schooler who may look like a boy, but on the inside, is truly a girl. A novel on inclusivity, acceptance, and learning how to be your true self, this book not only teaches your child about children who identify as transgender, but pushes for thoughtful understanding. 

19. The Hidden Girl: A True Story of the Holocaust is the true story of a Jewish girl named Lola who endured the Holocaust. A book riddled with history and the grim reality of a horrific event, this title shows the resilience and sheer strength and determination of a young girl trying to survive when she is the only one left in her family given a chance. For an advanced reader, teach your child about an important slice of the past and the powerful story of one brave girl. 

20. She Dared: Malala Yousafzai exemplifies the power one young girl can have on the world. After being brutally attacked for seeking an education for herself and other young girls in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai rose above her trauma to be an advocate. In this daring read, your child can follow Malala as she recovers from her attack to become the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history. 

21. Roller Girl is a graphic novel perfect for those entering middle school. A newbie at roller derby camp, Astrid is trying to find herself as she learns the ins and outs of skating, friendship, and starting junior high. If your child is exploring new interests, meeting new friends, or needs help figuring out the next few steps into middle school, Astrid's determination and perseverence is sure to lend your reader a hand.

22. Does My Head Look Big In This? is about a willful high school student and her resolve to embrace her own faith. When Amal decides to begin wearing her hijab full-time, she anticipates reactions from everyone around her, along with prejudicial remarks from her classmates — but she persists. A witty novel that will relate to preteen and teen readers, this title shows what it's like to embrace who you are, no matter what. 

High School:

23. Overturned is an edgy read covering everything from seedy gambling matches to even seedier framed murder cases. Nikki Tate seems like she's on her own when her dad is on death row for a crime he swears he didn't commit. And when he's mysteriously released, Nikki needs to look out for herself while her dad tracks down the person who set him up. Full of action, this novel will have any teen turning pages and connecting with an independent girl handling life in her own way. 

24. Without Annette unravels friendships, relationships, and budding independence in the lives of Josie and Annette. After they both get into boarding school, Annette insists on keeping her romantic relationship with Josie a secret and once Josie begins feeling pushed further and further away, she has to find her own sense of identity and independence. A book on love, teenage angst, and deciphering life as a high school student, this title is perfect for your older reader looking to relate. 

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