9 Books About Grandparents for Toddlers

On Grandparents Day (or any day!) celebrate grandmas and grandpas with these sweet read-alouds.
Aug 27, 2018



Aug 27, 2018

Whether your kids call their grandparents oma, opa, mimi, granny, or gramps, the relationship between a grandchild and a grandparent is special indeed. Whether it is Grandparents Day or just an ordinary Thursday, reading fun books about these special people with our toddlers is always a good idea.

9 Books About Grandparents to Celebrate Grandparents Day 

1. How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan is a funny story about role reversal. Instead of the grandpa being the babysitter, the child gets to do the babysitting. It's a comical "how to" story including ideas of things to do with grandpa to keep him busy and happy.

2. Get ready to babysit grandma in How to Babysit a Grandma, also by Jean Reagan. Toddlers will be amused by the list of things to do with grandmas, including going to the park, having a costume parade, and making snickerdoodle cookies. Grandmas need to be kept very busy!

3. Grandma Loves You Because You're You by Liza Baker is full of reassuring reasons that grandma loves her little one, from their time spent making pancakes together to picking wildflowers hand in hand. The rhyming lyrical text begs for grandma and her little one to snuggle together while reading.

4. We all love to daydream about our kids growing older with their grandparents. In When I Am Old With You by Angela Johnson, a little girl thinks about getting older and all the things she will do with her granddaddy.

5. How many things can a grandfather make from his coat? Your kids will find out in My Grandfather's Coat by Jim Aylesworth. With a little snip here and a little stitch there to his tattered wears, grandfather is able to create many different things.

6. Toddlers love lift-the-flap books, and Karen Katz's Grandpa and Me is full of sturdy flaps to lift as kids enjoy making a pizza with grandpa. Chances are that your toddler will also be excited about heading to the kitchen to make something with her grandpa, too. You might also check out Katz's companion book, Grandma and Me.

7. Another lift-the-flap book to explore with your toddler is Grandpas Are for Finding Worms by Harriet Ziefert. Grandpas can find worms, make burgers, and sing old songs. It would be fun to name all the things your toddler can do with grandpa after reading. Grandmas Are for Giving Tickles is the companion book.

8. Llama Llama is going to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house in Llama Llama Gran and Grandma by Anna Dewdney. This is the first time Llama Llama has slept away from home, which makes this a great relatable read for toddlers.

9. Grannies come in all shapes and sizes. Our Granny by Margaret Wild celebrates grandmothers of all kinds from ones with skinny legs to those with big soft laps.

These stories would make great gifts to keep at grandma or grandpa's house, but they're also good to have at home when a little one is missing their grandparent, too. Get ideas for how to celebrate grandparents — and print out a copy of this Grandparents Day card for your little one to color in! 

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