Book Hunt

The treasure is reading together.

By Allison McDonald
Mar 21, 2013



Mar 21, 2013

My kids love hunting for things. Lately we have been hunting for leprechaun gold (aka pennies) and that simple game got me thinking. What if we hunted for books?

Kids need to be active, and they need to read with their parents. So why not mix the two together?

So we did.

You will need:  

  • A selection of books that are pretty quick to read. The reason you want quick reads is that if your kids are anything like mine, they will want to get back to the hunt as soon as possible. Depending on how much time you have and the ages and attention levels of your kids, you will want 5-10 books. Have a back-up pile in case this is such a hit that they beg for more.

What you do:

  • Hide the books.
  • Explain the rules to your book hunters. If you find a book, sit down on the spot and yell out “Book Found!” all the other players and parents stop their hunt and go to the book. The finder or parent will read the book to everyone.
  • The hunt continues until every book has been found and read.
  • Don’t forget to clear any books you might have laying around. Books are everywhere in our house, so we did the hunt only in two rooms that I cleared out before hiding the books on the list. You could also print out a list of titles or pictures of the covers if you want to hide them among other books.
  • If you are really adventurous, you can even pop some books in ziplock bags and hide them in your yard. There is nothing like reading outside.

No matter how you choose to play, your kids will get moving and reading! 


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