10 Books Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. for Early Readers

Sharing books about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement helps kids connect history to their lives and the social justice issues of today.

By Allison McDonald and Scholastic Parents



10 Books Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. for Early Readers

I want Martin Luther King Jr. Day to be more than just a day off for my kids. I want them to learn about what their country was like less than 100 years ago. I want them to know about the people who fought bravely to change it and to know that change is still needed. I want them to feel connected to this history, and books are my main tools.

I wasn't alive yet during the Civil Rights Movement so my experience is through books as well, but it's a part of history I have always been attracted to and part of the reason I studied history in university. Here are some wonderful books, perfect for elementary schoolers, to help you dive into the Civil Rights Movement with your kids. You'll also find a few titles perfect for pre-K and kindergarteners, so you can include the littlest learners in your family. But don't limit yourself to one Monday in January — add some of these titles to your bookshelves for everyday reading. 

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