Teacher Picks: The 10 Best Series for Kids

These teacher-approved book series are the best way to encourage your child's love of reading.
Nov 09, 2020



Teacher Picks: The 10 Best Series for Kids

Nov 09, 2020

good book series not only builds your child’s reading momentum and instills a lifelong love for reading, but it also teaches your young reader important literacy skills they’ll use throughout their reading journey.

These 10 popular series — adored by teachers and kids alike — are the perfect place to start!

1. Fly Guy: “This series is great for readers who can use the different pictures in the book to help with context clues,” says Kristen Pishkin, a second-grade teacher in Massachusetts. “These different context clues help readers with difficult vocabulary and with identifying different story elements.”

2. Peppa Pig: “This series helps children think about humor and friendship,” says Melissa Zuckerman, a first-grade teacher in Florida. 

3. Dog Man: These books are always flying off classroom library shelves, says Patrick Mongeau, a second-grade teacher in Massachusetts. “There is palpable excitement when a new one arrives,” he says. 

4. Who Would Win?: Pishkin loves this series because she sees how much her students are engaged in it. “They are making connections and comparing animals while reading quality texts,” she says. 

5. I Survived: “Students sometimes find that they are really interested in certain topics, and the next thing they know, they are seeking out more books about that topic,” says Pishkin. “This series does that for them.”

6. The Baby-Sitters Club: This classic series shows your child that it’s possible to overcome challenges. “Even though the characters are teenagers, they find the problem, come up with resolutions to solve the problem, and then somehow figure out which one is the best solution,” says Zuckerman. 

7. Harry Potter: Teachers value this famed series' character development. “Every character within the book has a problem in their life,” says Zuckerman. “If the student pays attention, they can figure out why Harry, Ron, and their friends act the way they do.”

8. Stinky Face: “These picture books are great because there are editions for many different events and holidays,” says Pishkin. 

9. Captain Underpants: “The comic-type books draw readers in,” says Pishkin. “But they are surprised when they are also drawn in by the different story elements and problems that the characters face.”

10. The Bad Guys: There’s no better combination than reading and laughter. “Inverting expectations makes for great comedy, and just the title of this series does that,” says Mongeau. 

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