Alphabet Boot Camp

The active letter game you can play inside or out.

By Allison McDonald
Apr 10, 2014



Alphabet Boot Camp

Apr 10, 2014

The title of this activity sounds serious, but really this letter recognition game is fun and gives kids a chance to connect their brains with their brawn as they play with letters.

How to Prepare:
You will need to grab a marker and some index cards and write out a handful of letters, one on each card. Write out actions like jumping jacks, clap, march, etc., on another handful of cards.

How to Play:
1. A player chooses an action card and letter card.

2. Next, s/he reads the letter that is on the card.

3. You read -- or have someone else read -- the action card.

4. Move! The child must recite the alphabet and perform the action until s/he reaches the selected letter on the card.

5. Repeat with new cards from the pile.

For example: If your child pulls an H from the letter pile and jumping jacks from the action pile, he must sing the alphabet from A to H while doing jumping jacks.

Don't forget to get in on the action, too. Play with your kids and have fun with letters!

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