The Ultimate Book Series for 10-Year-Olds

Keep your kids busy reading with series they won't be able to put down.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Mar 25, 2021



The Ultimate Book Series for 10-Year-Olds

Mar 25, 2021

Ten-year-olds are in a unique spot: They're the oldest in elementary school, and they've finally hit the double digits. But they're little because they're still, well... 10 years old. 

Being a tween is not always an easy thing, because their tastes in clothes, food, and favorites are constantly changing. That's why books can make such a big difference for kids this age — they provide relatable plots, dear friends (by way of characters), and imaginative adventures as your child navigates all the changes life brings during the tween years. 

The right books can also build upon your child's love of reading as they progress toward middle school, and support what they're learning in class. 

Just take, for instance, these beloved series: 

  • The Baby-Sitters ClubIt's the familiar adventures of Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, and Mallory that you remember so well from your own childhood. Your child will discover the Baby-Sitter's Club adventures with cranky toddlers, prank calls, huge dogs, and more. Graphic novels like these are a good entry point into reading for kids who tend to avoid chapter books. 
  • AmuletAn American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults winner, this graphic novel series is action-packed, exciting, and suspenseful. 
  • BoneIn this fascinating series, the Bone cousins explore, protect, and defend life as they know it, fighting dragons, nasty weather, supernatural creatures, and more. 
  • Percy Jackson and the OlympiansPercy Jackson fights mythological creatures alongside his demi-god friends in this series that will get your 10-year-old chatting about all things Greek. 
  • Dog Man: In this best-selling series from the creator of Captain Underpants, the hero is half dog, half man, and all crime-biting legend! Ten-year-olds will giggle along as Dog Man gets ready to take on Petey the Cat, the felonious feline who's always hacking up harebrained schemes.

Explore more children's books by age, and take a look at theses recommended books to read by age 13. 

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