These 4 Activity Books Together Advance First Graders' Skills

Your child will be too busy having fun to notice they’re learning at home.

Feb 14, 2022



These 4 Activity Books Together Advance First Graders' Skills

Feb 14, 2022

First grade is an important time for advancement and rapid learning. Kids will absorb a lot of information as they adjust to a more structured classroom environment. While this may sound a little daunting at first, there are plenty of opportunities to sharpen your child’s skills in an entertaining way to help them adjust to first grade. Workbooks are the perfect solution to supplement their classroom learning at home.

Practicing activities with your child — even just a few pages a night — can make a world of difference in their overall comprehension in class. And when their activities include stories, interactive experiments, and eye-catching images, practicing key skills becomes way more fun!

Sometimes, finding the right workbooks for your child’s individual needs can be a challenge during this crucial period in their development. Luckily, Scholastic editors have found that when laying the foundation for your first grader’s key skills that will serve them in first grade and beyond, these four workbooks used in tandem will address areas of social-emotional development, introduce them to STEM concepts, and advance their reading skills.

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Boost Social-Emotional Intelligence With My Growth Mindset Workbook

This workbook is a must-have when you’re looking to help develop your child’s social-emotional learning skills. The 96 pages within this book include activities that encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied to all areas of study, plus mindfulness skills like breathing exercises and meditation techniques. 

One of the most important lessons within this workbook is how to identify, make sense of, and address big emotions — for example, how to move on from goofing up. This teaches children that mistakes are a normal part of life and can lead to new learning opportunities. Plus, all activities encourage independence and self-esteem!

Refine Writing and Fine Motor Skills With Wipe-Clean Workbook: Grade 1

If you’re wondering how to get the most out of a workbook and how to develop fine motor skills while not wasting pages on bouts of doodling (hey, it happens!), this wipe-clean workbook is perfect for your child. The glossy, wipe-clean pages allow for repeated practice and retention of key skills!

With practice activities for tracing and copying words, letter sounds, simple addition and subtraction, number bonds, number stories, and digital time, this workbook encourages foundational learning in math and reading while building future writing skills.

Supplement Classroom Learning With Grade 1 Jumbo Workbook 

This kid-friendly, engaging workbook is filled with activities that offer on-level practice for first graders with subjects like reading, math, and phonics. Bright, colorful pages come together with photographs and illustrations to make this workbook’s activities some of the most eye-catching and engaging available. Plus, with 24 pages of stickers, your child is bound to be delighted every time they sit down for an activity!

This workbook focuses on 12 areas of study, from social studies and sequencing to number sense and science. And, an extra tip: You only need to work on one to two pages per night with your first grader to meaningfully boost learning.

Boost Science Skills With My First Science Experiments 

STEM (that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is one of the most important areas of study for children to better understand the world around them. When introduced to these concepts early, children often find that they delight in making new discoveries! This engaging workbook encourages interest in STEM topics while keeping them on an easy-to-grasp level for first graders, making the activities within these pages fun and exciting.

Plus, with a dozen fun experiments for kids and parents to do together, this workbook is bound to become one of the highlights of your child’s early STEM lessons.

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