9 Fun Books for Kids Who Wear or Need Glasses

If your kids wear glasses but feel like they stand out, or are nervous about needing them at all, they'll feel much better after reading these books.

By Allison McDonald
Nov 22, 2017



9 Fun Books for Kids Who Wear or Need Glasses

Nov 22, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published March 03, 2016.

Getting glasses for many of us is a fun opportunity in accessorizing, but for children it can be traumatic. It’s not only a loss of control over how they look – but standing out to classmates, and feeling vulnerable to teasing are just a few of the challenges that children may face with this change.

Luckily over the years, a wonderful collection of books have been published about glasses for young children. These books are great at helping kids with both the process of getting glasses, and the feeling of being different that can accompany this change.

Here are my favorite picture books about getting and wearing glasses. Next week I’il share the second part of this list; books whose main characters wear glasses. Be sure not to miss it!

I Can See Just Fine by Eric Barclay

Princess Peepers by Pamela Calvert

I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses by Lauren Child

Glasses to Go
by Hannah Eliot

The Patch by Justina Chen Headley and Mitch Vane

I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook

My Travelin’ Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon

Glasses by Ann Gwinn Zawistoski

Do you have a favorite book about getting or wearing glasses that I didn’t feature? Share the title with us on the Scholastic Parents Facebook Page!

Don't miss my other glasses booklist post: 11 Great Book Characters Who Wear Glasses. It's got loads of fun reads.

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