7 Things to Know About Your Child s First Summer Reading Challenge

Whether it&s their first time or tenth, keep your kids& brain power strong reading all summer long with this free, fun challenge.
By Allison McDonald
Jun 02, 2016



Jun 02, 2016

The end of the school year is a busy time for families. Finding summer camps, going to end-of-year school picnics and figuring out what you can do to make sure your kids don't lose any brain power over the summer can all suck up a lot of your free time. Okay, maybe that last one isn't really taking up much, if any, of your time. But it should.

Take a break from all your hustle and bustle to read this super quick post (and I'm including time spent watching Dav Pilkey's video at the end) and then go sign your kids up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. New to this whole Summer Reading Challenge thing? Consider this your cheat sheet for info about this awesome summer reading program. Here's what you need to know:

  1. It’s totally FREE.
  2. It’s on now and runs through September 9th.
  3. When you sign up, you don’t need to give an email address. Scholastic will NOT be filling up your inbox.
  4. After signing up, your child gets a dashboard where she can log her reading minutes. The dashboard will keep a running tally. No posters, spreadsheets, white boards with grids cluttering up your home.
  5. As minutes are tallied, participants earn badges and prizes like free chapters of popular books! Best of all, these prizes are  all stored on the dashboard so your child won’t lose anything either. Pretty cool, huh?
  6. Your kids can log minutes for their school and see other areas' minutes as well. This could be a fun tool if you have family or friends in other neighborhoods. Check up on each other and have a little competition all in the name of reading. (Hey, it's amazing how a little competition can motivate!)
  7. And just in case you aren't already convinced yet, check out our parent guide that gives you everything you need to know about this year's Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. 

Have you participated in Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge before? Share your tips and stories on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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