The Most Memorable Books About Transgender Youth

Share these impactful stories starring transgender youth with your child.

Jun 01, 2023



The Most Memorable Books About Transgender Youth

Jun 01, 2023

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, its accomplishments, and its youth. Share these relatable and memorable books starring transgender youth with your child and help them feel seen and understood. 

Start with the enthralling Magical Boy Volume 1 by The Kao — the story of Max, a young trans man just trying to get through high school in one piece like everyone else. But between all of the ins and outs of navigating classes, crushes, and his own identity, Max learns that he is part of an eons-old family line of powerful guardians called the Magical Girls! Tasked with defending humanity from a dark and ancient evil, Max must now try to save the world, take on his destiny, and become the first Magical Boy. 

In The Feeling of Falling in Love, readers meet Neil Kearney, who is preparing to travel to attend his brother's wedding with his childhood friend Josh. Right before they leave, Josh reveals that he's in love with Neil. But Neil doesn't return Josh's feelings, and now needs to find a new date for the wedding. Enter Wyatt, Neil's roommate, who gets drafted into the role. The pair don't get along at first, but as they touch down in LA, Wyatt and Neil begin to learn more about each other — and fall in love along the way.

Meanwhile, Welcome to St. Hell is a hilariously touching story by Lewis Hancox that's sure to become a new favorite. Written conversationally to his younger female self, this graphic novel tells Lewis's story of self-discovery and the beginnings of his transition during high school in a relatable, bittersweet look back on his journey to becoming his true self.

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