5 Books About Getting a New Pet

Does your child want a cat or dog? A fish, turtle, or hamster? Share these picture books on the joys and challenges of pet ownership.

By Jodie Rodriguez
Mar 23, 2017



Mar 23, 2017

Has your son or daughter ever asked for a pet to join the household? Have you gotten a request for a dog, a cat, a turtle, a hamster, or perhaps a pet snake? If your little animal-lover has been begging for a pet, these picture books are sure to delight and help your child gain an appreciation for the responsibilities of owning a pet.


Lola Gets a Cat by Anna McQuinn is the story of a little girl who eagerly wants a cat. Her mother tells her that pets require a lot of work. Throughout the story, Lola learns about all the responsibilities of being a cat owner through reading books. After practicing with her stuffed animals, Lola is finally ready to adopt a cat.

Sometimes it's difficult to find that just right pet. That's the problem that Gilbert has in Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet by Kelly DiPucchio. Gilbert interacts with a dog, a mouse, and a fly before he finally discovers the best new pet and friend.

Your little dog lover will want to read Our Very Own Dog by Amanda McCardie. A family welcomes a new shelter dog, Sophie, to their home. The book is filled with tips for dog owners, like making sure the dog tag includes the owner's address and phone number, using a friendly voice to relax the dog, and providing the dog with chew toys.

A shark might not be the most realistic pet. But, in Land Shark by Beth Ferry, Bobby really wants a pet shark for his birthday and he is convinced that his family will get him one. It turns out they get him a dog instead and he is not happy with their choice. This is a helpful book to read if you need to reel in your child's desires for a particular pet versus the practicality of owning such an animal.

The Perfect Pet by Margie Palatini is the story of a girl who really wants a pet. However, Elizabeth's parents don't really want an animal to join the household. Instead, they give her a cactus. She does like her cactus, but she continues to try to convince her parents that a pet is a good idea. Then Elizabeth meets Doug. What kind of creature is Doug?

These are five books that any pet-craving child will love. Who knows, you just might be convinced to respond differently the next time your little one says, "Can we get a pet, PLEASE?"

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