The Best Books About Sibling Relationships for Kids

Help your kids strengthen their bond with these relatable stories for all ages.

May 26, 2023



The Best Books About Sibling Relationships for Kids

May 26, 2023

Sibling relationships are often the earliest friendships your children will have in their lives. There is a special bond among brothers and sisters that is unmatched by any other friend or family member. Siblings may also be your child’s first lesson on the ins and outs of empathy and kindness. That’s what makes these tight-knit relationships so important and enriching for children’s social and emotional development. 

No matter what kind of relationship your children have with each other, sharing relatable books and stories about siblings is incredibly important and helpful. Kids will be able to understand different points of view and make real-world connections with their own siblings. 

For example, little readers will love the sweet, supportive relationship between big sister Callie and her little brother Charlie in Charlie Makes a Splash. Callie’s love for Charlie shines through as Charlie, who has autism, finds happiness and comfort in water — like visiting the aquarium, swimming in the ocean, and jumping in puddles. With his sister’s love and encouragement, Charlie shares his world and the things that bring him the most joy.

Middle school readers will see parallels in sisters Maureen and Francine Carter and themselves in Varian Johnson’s Twins. Even though they’re identical twins, Maureen and Francine couldn’t be more different — especially as they begin sixth grade. As they establish their own individual personalities, they’re also growing apart. Will their relationship grow with them — or will it change it forever? 

Meanwhile, older readers will relate to Raina Telgemeier’s Sisters, a graphic novel told from Telegemeier’s perspective as she reflects on her relationship with her younger sister, Amara. Through her signature humor, Telegemeier perfectly pieces present-day events and poignant flashbacks from the past to share her relationship with her sister as they make their way from San Francisco to a family reunion in Colorado. 

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