Best-Selling Coming-of-Age Books About Love

Use these relatable books to explain and guide your child through their first love.

Jan 26, 2024



Best-Selling Coming-of-Age Books About Love

Jan 26, 2024

A first romance is one of the most memorable times in a young person’s life. There is so much to be excited about: crushes and first dates, along with getting to know a new person. As your child experiences the first blush of romantic feelings, they’ll most likely have questions about all the nuances involved, from how to ask someone out to the possibility of rejection

This is where relatable books can help. Whether your child is experiencing their first crush at summer camp or figuring out the highs and lows of dating in high school, age-appropriate teen romance books that reflect characters in similar situations can help your child make sense of this brand-new world and feel less alone in it. 

For example, the second installment of the popular Nat Enough series, Nat Enough #2: Forget Me Nat, is perfect for kids in grades 3 and up. Middle schooler Natalie is feeling confident as everything falls into place in her life, including recognition of her talents, supportive friends, and spending more time with her crush, Derek. But when Derek tells her that he just wants to remain friends, Nat is left to deal with her heartbreak on her own. 

Older readers in grades 7 and up will adore This Time It's Real, featuring Eliza, a seventeen-year-old whose story about finding her true love has gone viral. Because of its notoriety, Eliza has gained popularity at her new international high school in Beijing and an internship at her favorite magazine. The problem is, her whole story is entirely made-up — Eliza has never been in a relationship. That's when Eliza strikes a deal with the famous actor in her class, Caz Song, to help him write his college admissions papers in exchange for Caz pretending to be her boyfriend. Their relationship becomes so convincing that even Eliza doesn't know where the lines blur. Now, she is faced with an impossible choice: follow her dreams, or break her own heart. 

Meanwhile, the imaginative young adult love story Okay, Cupid looks at love through a cupid’s eyes. Jude may believe they understand love since they're a cupid. But their latest assignment may prove tough. First, it's with two kids their own age instead of adults. Plus, these best friends aren’t on speaking terms after a damaging argument. Getting these two together will be more complicated than Jude anticipated. 

For readers in grades 9 and up, the Heartstopper series has become a best seller, chronicling two teenage boys, Nick and Charlie, as they meet at a British grammar school, quickly become friends and fall in love. Heartstopper #5, the highly anticipated fifth book in the series, is the story of what happens after Charlie and Nick have said, "I love you." With Nick about to head off to university, is everything about to change? 

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