Books in The Hunger Games Trilogy

Independent readers and middle-graders can follow Katniss Everdeen on her quest for survival in the bestselling series by Suzanne Collins.



Books in The Hunger Games Trilogy

Your middle-grade reader can discover Katniss Everdeen’s incredible journey in Suzanne Collins' bestselling trilogy, The Hunger Games, as she transforms from an underdog to a fierce heroine ready to fight for her life, her sister, and humanity. Katniss is propelled into a futuristic dystopian realm, forced to confront enemies and form surprising alliances, all while discovering her inner strength. Teens who also love the films will enjoy the movie tie-in editions and the illustrated movie companion that dives into how the trilogy is taken from book to screen. Plus, if your independent reader finds these novels to be page-turners, one of these read-alikes could be a great next book.

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