Celebrate Your Child's 100th Day of School!

Here's how you can support what they're learning in class for the occasion.

By Jacob Biba
Jan 15, 2020




Jan 15, 2020

The 100th day of school is a special milestone celebrated in many classrooms (often in kindergarten). It’s an opportunity to acknowledge how far students have come since starting school in the fall and to look forward to the year ahead.

Teachers also celebrate the 100th day of school because it’s a chance for kids to expand their counting and math skills! Little ones love impressive numbers like 100, and teachers find many ways to incorporate extra practice with them around the 100th day school. That might include creating class collections of 100 items like rocks and coins, or having students draw pictures of themselves at age 100.  

Here are three ways you can support the activities your child is doing in class for the 100th day of school. 

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1. Practice Counting Together

These kid-favorite counting and number books build on the excitement around the 100th day of school, and encourage little ones to see numbers in the world around them.

2. Build Math Skills With Activities 

From exponentially fun activity books to a Klutz kit that establishes early geometry skills through practice with shapes, these activities will expand upon the math skills teachers typically emphasize around the 100th day of school. 


3. Read Books About First Grade

For kindergarteners, first grade is right around the corner! The 100th day of school is the ideal time to show your child all the fun and learning they have to look forward to later this year. These books will get them comfortable with the idea of first grade.

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