The Most Fabulous Nail Kits for Kids Who Love to Sparkle

Skip the salon and bring beautiful nails home with these fun Klutz kits.

Apr 11, 2024



The Most Fabulous Nail Kits for Kids Who Love to Sparkle

Apr 11, 2024

Nothing brings friends together like some good, old-fashioned crafting. And when that craft is a Klutz nail polish kit, hours of creative fun awaits! 

The kits in this collection make wonderful gifts for tweens and come with everything young fashionistas need to produce their masterpiece manicure: Easy-to-follow instructions, bottles of polish, plus stencils and stickers. All the polishes used are water-based, non-toxic, peel-off paints — so no nail polish remover is needed once it’s time to try a new design. 

The Nail Style Studio is a step-by-step tool kit that lets your mini manicurist create 25 super-cute, slightly sophisticated, tween-approved looks: polka-dot chevrons, big-eyed owls, a tropical beach, delectable cupcakes, a city skyline, and more. It comes with practice polish so kids can try a design, peel it off, and try it again. When you’re ready to make a look last, just do the design with your own drugstore polish in any colors you like.

For glitter lovers, look no further than the Glitter Party Nail Studio! This pack includes cosmetic-grade glitter and teaches kids how to apply them to make mesmerizing manicures. The book teaches 11 designs like ice cream, a flamingo, and pineapple for a set of super sparkly nails!

Once your child is done decorating their nails, encourage them to pick up a book and read stories about characters who know what it means to be your authentic self! 

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