The Best 2019 Book Sets to Hook Readers of All Ages

These are some of the most special and memorable gifts you can give to a child, because they don't just entertain and delight — they nurture a lifelong passion for reading.
By Jessica Migala
Dec 02, 2019



kids book gift sets

Dec 02, 2019

What if instead of just an item, you could give your child knowledge, new skills, and lifelong memories for the holidays? With these remarkable book sets they'll love, you can.

Giving kids a series they love is a great way to encourage them to read more, and it boosts their reading fluency, comprehension skills, and vocabulary. When reading a series, children familiarize themselves with the characters and writing style, which makes reading the following books in the series much easier. This familiarity is particularly beneficial for reluctant readers, who may find grasping new characters and prose daunting. 

These incredible book sets feature favorite series your kids will savor for years to come. Some include plush buddies or finger puppets of beloved characters, some come in collectible tins, and others have carrying cases that allow your child to always hold their love of reading close to them. 

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Best Book Gift Sets for Ages 3 to 5

1. Peppa Pig: New Adventures Story Box

For the preschooler obsessed with all things Peppa Pig, this set includes six fantastic stories (such as Learning to Share, George Catches a Cold, and Family Trip), which are all packed in a carrying case your little one can take everywhere. Peppa Pig subtly teaches important lessons through colorful adventures, and is a relatable friend for little learners. We also highly recommend the five-book Peppa Pig 8x8 Value Pack for another mix of oink-tastic books, including Peppa Plays Soccer and George’s New Dinosaur

2. Fly Guy #1-18 Collection

Never thought you’d find a fly…cute? Fly Guy will change your mind, and transform even the most reluctant reader into a voracious one. Kids absolutely adore the characters Buzz and his best friend Fly Guy: After all, they always stay loyal to each other and maintain a relentless sense of adventure. This set includes 18 amazing books from the series! If your child has already read these books, check out the new releases Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy and Fly Guy Presents: Monster Trucks.

3. Dragons Love Tacos Pack with Plush

This book gift set is worth getting just for the adorable plush dragon holding a taco (c’mon, where else do you see that!?), but it also comes with the original bestseller Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel. The famous humor and gorgeous illustrations will hook your kids, and this also makes a classic gift for your neices, nephews, and friends' kids!

4. Clifford Vintage Hardcover Set with Plush

Everyone's favorite big red dog just wants to play with his friends and be kind to those he loves, but he still gets into a lot of mischief. This classic Clifford the Big Red Dog set includes three vintage hardcover editions (Clifford the Big Red DogClifford the Small Red Puppy, and Clifford’s Good Deeds). They're packed in a big red tote and paired with a sweet Clifford plush, who will be your child’s BFF through thick and thin.  

5. A Diaper David Board Books Collection

The books Oh, David!Oops!, and David Smells! are featured in this hilarious collection about the troublemaking kiddo named David. Toddlers and preschoolers love going along with David on his mischievous adventures, and in doing so, learn about the tenderness and unwavering love of family. This collection is sure to make everyone in your family laugh and smile. 

6. Llama, Llama’s Little Library

These are the books your kids will request every night before bed. The set of four board books includes favorites like Llama Llama Wakey-Wake and Llama Llama Nighty-Night, so your little one can rhyme from dusk to dawn. Your child will giggle and marvel at the cuddly, fluffy llamas throughout these remarkable books. 

7. Eric Carle Six Classic Board Books Box Set

The Very Hungry Caterpillar isn’t the only kid favorite from Eric Carle. Little ones will also be delighted by his colorful, gorgeous illustrations in the six other board books in this set, which include Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? and The Mixed-Up Chameleon. This holiday book gift set is a staple to keep in your home library for years to come. 

Best Book Sets for Ages 6 to 8

8. Dog Man: The Supa Epic Collection (Books #1-6)

He’s part dog, part man, and all crime-fighting hero! Dav Pilkey’s infamous Dog Man battles villains and sniffs out trouble, and in doing so, he teaches kids how to be kind and loving. For kids who love to hug a buddy while reading, check out this Dog Man Collection with Plush — it includes the first four books of the series, an adorable plush, and a bright carrying tote. Make sure they’re also caught up with the most recent releases, For Whom the Ball Rolls and Fetch-22

9. The Captain Underpants Colossal Color Collection (Books #1-5)

Dav Pilkey is also the creator of Captain Underpants, a series about two fourth graders who dream up the ultimate superhero. This series has turned a number of reluctant readers into voracious bookworms, and will keep your middle grader giggling and smiling all winter break. (Here are more great picks for reluctant readers in 1st and 2nd grade.) You can also pre-order the newest book in the series, Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers #9.

10. Junie B. Jones Books in a Bus (Books 1-28)

If your kids love laughing along with books, this classic collection of 28 Junie B. Jones chapter books — all packaged in an adorable bus-themed box — is the ultimate gift to make them jump up and down. Don’t be surprised when they spend most of winter break with their nose in these stories! 

11. Branches Press Start! Value Pack (Books 1-4)

The Branches line of books is designed to help kids transition from picture books to chapter books, and this particular series is set inside a video game. With bright, dynamic illustrations on every page, this series will truly hook your children on reading independently, even if they’ve been hesitant about diving in before. 

12. Narwhal and Jelly Pack with Plush

Two must-have Narwhal books, including Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea and Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt, are packed into this tote with two adorable finger puppets. It’s hard not to love good-natured Narwhal and his pal Jelly as they explore the ocean together. This gift is perfect for little beach dwellers, book lovers, and daydreamers alike!

13. Elephant & Piggie Backpack Bundle

Besties Gerald and Piggie are opposites, but they complement each other perfectly. In this bundle, your kids get the first four books in the bestselling series, plus two finger puppets and a ridiculously sweet elephant backpack to put everything in. We've found this pack is perfect for keeping kids busy on road trips and airplane rides

Book Sets for Ages 9 to 12

14. Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set #1-7

This holiday book gift set of the first seven books in the Harry Potter series is a true treasure: The series is seriously beneficial for kids' literacy (when else will you see them tear through a book the size of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?). The series is also available as a hardcover collection that comes in a trunk worthy of the most seasoned wizards. 

For kids who love collectibles, or simply need some help easing into the longer chapter books, check out this pack of stunning illustrated editions of the first three Harry Potter books, plus Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

15. Wings of Fire Boxset (Books 1-5)

For your dragon-obsessed kid, this fantasy series features all the epic battles, prophecies, and mythical creatures they could ever dream up. If your kids have already torn through books 1-5, they’ll be infatuated with this boxset that includes books 6-10. For graphic novel lovers, gift the brand new release, Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #3: The Hidden Kingdom.

16. The Baby-Sitters Club Retro Tin Boxed Set

This collectible tin includes the first six books of the mega-successful BSC series, which teaches kids about friendship, hard work, and loyalty. Soon, characters like Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne will feel like best friends to your child. 

17. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection (Pack 1-13)

This ultimate holiday book gift set starring Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson (who, by the way, has his own book too!) offers up 13 books in the series. We know kids who have laughed so hard they begin to tear up while reading this series, and it’s a known fact that humor entices children to love books. Your growing reader will love following along with Greg as he navigates school life, a pestering older brother, and plenty of silly adventures.

18. Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Set

Like many of the sets on this list, this isn't just a great present — it’s a true collectable! Your kids will be captivated by R. L. Stine’s spooky series, which has entertained young readers and their parents for generations. This set includes five of the most popular Goosebumps books, such as A Night in Terror Tower and Monster Blood.

19. Smile/Sisters Boxset

This holiday gift set includes Smile, in which 6th-grader Raina deals with major dental issues (hello, braces and headgear!), all while trying to be a “normal” kid and deal with "normal" 6th-grade drama. In the second book in the set, Sisters, Raina and her little sister learn to bond as they deal with family problems at home. Kids love these graphic novels because they are so real and relatable, but also fun to read! 

If your child is eager to check out the newest Raina Telgemeier release, order Smile, Sisters, and Guts: The Box Set. In the new highly-acclaimed title Guts, Raina touches on a variety of important topics, ranging from anxiety to persistent tummy woes.

Book Sets for Ages 13+

20. The Hunger Games: Special Edition Box Set

Let’s be real: Your teens only think they know the whole story because they watched the movies. But there’s far more to Katniss Everdeen in this trilogy, which also includes 50 pages of bonus behind-the-scenes material that fans will dig into. 

21. A Wrinkle in Time Quintet Boxed Set

Five books in this beloved sci-fi fantasy series follow the Murray family as they save the universe from evil (multiple times) and time travel to far-away places and eras. If something can get your teen to take a break from YouTube for a few hours during winter break, this boxed set is it.

Family read-alouds can also boost your child's language development and literacy skills! Here are the best books to read aloud this holiday season. And to simplify your holiday shopping, be sure to check out these easy, inexpensive stocking stuffers for readers, crafters, and imaginative kids. For all holiday gifts, check out our 2019 holiday gift guide

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