Great Kids’ Books About Presidents and Voting

These books will help your child understand how our government works and get an introduction to the individuals who have shaped it.

Feb 05, 2024



Great Kids’ Books About Presidents and Voting

Feb 05, 2024

Presidents' Day is February 19! It is important for your child to learn about voting, presidential candidates, and how our government works so they can be responsible citizens. Help them make sense of it all with these fantastic books. 

Try Superheroes Are Everywhere — an empowering and joyful picture book written by Kamala Harris, the current vice president of the United States. This book shows kids what they can do to make the world a better place. Being a leader requires a great deal of courage and a strong calling to serve the community. Your growing readers will embrace the character traits it takes to be a world-renowned leader. 

Early chapter book readers will love Owl Diaries #19: Eva for President, where kids follow Eva the owlet as she runs for class president at her school, Treetop Elementary. Eva loves to make choices and voting for things in class. Will she get enough votes to win the presidency?

Some of these titles highlight former presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, while others assure kids that they, too, can make a difference — whether it’s through casting a vote when they’re old enough, or running for president themselves! 

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