The Ultimate Harry Potter Book List

Delve into the wizarding world with the classic chapter books and beyond.
May 02, 2022



The Ultimate Harry Potter Book List

May 02, 2022

Generations of kids grow up reading the Harry Potter series, and for a good reason. This magical series not only features relatable characters, but it’s packed with exciting adventures that unlock every child’s imagination and curiosity. Now there’s a whole world of Harry Potter beyond the classic novels, like illustrated editions, spin-offs, and coloring, baking, and sticker books.

This fleet of novels, activity books, and spin-offs will have your child fully immersed in the school of magic. For example, a three-book set from the Hogwarts Library highlights the basics of wizarding, so your child can put themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters. 

Gifting your child these novels and activity books also has big literacy benefits, including advancing their reading comprehension and sharpening their vocabulary. Make these spin-offs and activity books a regular part of your nightly family read-aloud time; it’ll give you a chance to re-live some of the classics with your child and bond over the text.

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Spin-Offs, Activities, and More

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