15+ Halloween Picture Books for Kids Who Don't Like to Be Scared

No hiding under the covers needed! These stories are perfectly sweet, but still make for an unforgettable Halloween.
Sep 22, 2022



15+ Halloween Picture Books for Kids Who Don't Like to Be Scared

Sep 22, 2022

Silly costumes, pumpkin carving, and Halloween tales are all a skele-ton of fun! Trade in frights for fun with these books for kids who love to celebrate the season without the spooks. Your little one will appreciate the lively illustrations and endless fun in these Halloween picture books.

Reading picture books aloud creates everlasting family memories and is the perfect way to welcome this favorite fall holiday without its scarier elements. For instance, First Broom is a sweet rhyming story about a young witch leanring to ride her first broom on Halloween night. Meanwhile, The Biggest Pumpkin Ever is a sweet story about two mice who work together to grow a pumpkin as big as possible, and Emi Isn't Scared of Monsters is a cute picture book about Emi and her puppy side-kick, Cookie, on a mission to hunt down monsters. 

Halloween picture books like these will help your early learner develop their visualization, reading comprehension, and listening skills as they celebrate the spooky season with you – which will support the reading techniques they're learning in class.

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