The Best Books for Striving Readers in Grades 1-2

Prepare for that glorious moment when you spot your child glued to a great read.

Apr 08, 2024



The Best Books for Striving Readers in Grades 1-2

Apr 08, 2024

You want your child to love reading, but sometimes getting them to finish a book can feel more like a chore than a hobby. If this is the case for your early reader, try sharing one of these adventure-filled, high-interest titles. They're made to not only capture kids' attention, but to hold it.

From picture books to early chapter books — these fun and humorous reads will be sure to get your child hooked on reading! 

The reading skills your child develops now are the foundation for success throughout the rest of elementary school and beyond. Sometimes, striving or reluctant readers can get overwhelmed and frustrated by diving into titles beyond their level, so captivating them with simple yet still exciting reads is the best way to keep them glued to the pages. As a result, they'll build their reading skills and transform into an avid, happy reader before your eyes. 

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For more tips on finding books at the right level for your child, visit our guide on reading levels for kids. You'll find plenty of insights to get kids to grab a book, including teacher tips for striving readers and books for striving readers in grades 3-5

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