Revisit These Beloved Children's Picture Book Classics With Your Child

The timeless children's books you loved growing up are a great way to connect with your child.

May 04, 2022



Revisit These Beloved Children's Picture Book Classics With Your Child

May 04, 2022

When you were a small child yourself, your parents may have read the books on this list out loud to you. There's a reason these books are considered classics: Beautiful illustrations, age-appropriate storytelling, and lyrical language make these books appealing to generations of little ones (and their parents, too).

By bringing these timeless stories into your home, you’ll introduce your child to unforgettable characters who learn important life lessons on how to be one’s best self. From Ferdinand the bull — who would rather spend time alone smelling the flowers in the forest than participating in bullfights — to the poignant example of selflessness set by The Giving Tree, these classics offer riveting stories with altruistic endings that will ease anxiety and encourage self-reflection.

No need to wax nostalgic about the stories that first inspired in you the sense of awe and wonder that only books can. Dive right back into these books with your child and you’ll remember how enchantingly illustrated tales like Where the Wild Things Are, The Snowy Day, and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble can captivate the reader and suspend time. 

As you follow along on the epic journeys that unfold on the page, you’ll have a chance to discuss with your child where the characters have been and what they’ve seen. Summarizing story plot and recounting chronology of events are ways you can improve your child’s reading comprehension

But perhaps the greatest gift of these picture book classics is how easy they make it to establish a reading routine in your home. (It’s recommended that children get 20 minutes of reading time a night to support developing literacy skills and to foster a love of reading.) Before you know it, your child will have a new favorite, which they’ll ask you to reread again and again!

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