Best Books Under $5 for Ages 9+

Explore titles that will engage your child’s imagination and sharpen their reading skills for less.

May 29, 2024



Best Books Under $5 for Ages 9+

May 29, 2024

Refresh your child’s reading list for the summer or any time of year with exciting books that won’t break the bank. These books under $5 are perfect for livening up your child’s shelves with high-interest titles of all genres, from popular picture books to thrilling series and beyond. You'll find options for every kind of reader, with every kind of interest. 

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By age nine, your child will be looking to follow characters who closely resemble themselves or who are a year or two older than they are. Relatable books can help your child make sense of the world around them, find real-world connections, and explore their individuality, all while advancing their social-emotional development and crucial reading skills. 

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For example, readers will embrace the story of twelve-year-old Olive in Hummingbird. Olive has brittle bone disease, and is often thought of as fragile by her family and her peers. She’s thrilled when she begins attending Macklemore Elementary, where she hears rumors about a magical, wish-granting hummingbird that lives nearby. Now, Olive must figure out how to prove herself and solve the mystery of the hummingbird with a group of new and unexpected allies in order to make her deepest wish of fitting in come true — but she may even learn that being true to yourself is the biggest gift of all.

Meanwhile, nonfiction fans will love series like Who Would Win? where they can read about various animals and their unique traits as they theoretically battle against each other. Through scientific observation about each animal’s characteristics and traits, readers will get to decide who they think will win. 

For instance, Who Would Win? The Ultimate Reptile Rumble pits 16 ferocious reptiles against each other, like snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. Full of fun facts, photos, and captivating illustrations, kids won’t be able to get enough of this thrilling series. 

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