Favorite Character Chapter Books Under $5

The secret to getting your child infatuated with a book? Introduce them to a character they click with.
Jul 30, 2019



character chapter books

Jul 30, 2019

If you want your growing reader to connect with books, it’s first important to think about connecting them with characters. Who will inspire them, make them laugh, or help them feel a little less alone in their struggles? It might be an aspiring journalist, a brave princess, or even a little owl on a big adventure. These are exactly the characters who will support them on their lifelong journey of reading and help them grow their literacy, social, and emotional skills. 

Get ahead for the school year by rounding out your home library with these great chapter books — ranging from early readers to more traditional chapter books — that feature lovable and relatable characters. Some are classics, and some are newer favorites, but all of them are less than $5! Grab a few or all of them, and see who your child connects with the most. 

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Great Character Chapter Books

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