Here Are All the Hilarious Books in the How Do Dinosaurs...? Series

Little learners will delight in these lighthearted tales that build early reading skills and teach important life lessons.

Apr 16, 2024



Here Are All the Hilarious Books in the How Do Dinosaurs...? Series

Apr 16, 2024

In the dino-mite How Do Dinosaurs series, prehistoric pals come to life in relatable and hilarious ways for young learners. These books are famous for their sing-song rhymes that build early reading skills and phonemic awareness in children ages 3 to 5.

The newest addition to this beloved series, How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind?, is packed with heartfelt humor. Readers will follow along as the dinosaurs learn about developing empathy and compassion for others. This sweet book sets a great example to young readers that being kind is important — and cool! 

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The charming stanzas in these books show kids how one or two letters can change a word's meaning, providing the foundation for strong decoding and spelling skills. Each story begins with an example of silly, not-so-perfect dinosaur behavior, followed by the polite ways dinosaurs (and kids) should act — whether it's at school, bedtime, or dinner. This series will help your child become a confident reader, all while teaching them little life lessons.

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